for artist arrival at Meridian Community Centre in Fonthill, Town of Pelham

  • Artists will follow the signs at the Meridian Community Centre to park near the large North Loading Doors on Friday. Come in to pick up your welcome package to locate your booth. Once you have unloaded your art and supplies, we ask that you immediately park your car elsewhere in the parking lot so others can access the doors. A volunteer will be available to answer your questions.
  • Booths are assigned by Festival Staff. You will be provided with Pelham Art Festival label tags for your artwork; Artist name badges; Assistant name badges; and Artist name and booth number signage. A special tag to identify your Feature of the Year art will also be enclosed. If you wish, you may choose to print Artwork label tags on business card sheets in advance by emailing [email protected].
  • Artists will be provided with two pegboard panels 8’ wide by 6’ high hanging horizontally for an 8’ x 8’ single booth. A 3 panel extended booth consists of three 8’ wide panels and a double booth consists of four 8’ wide panels for a 16’ wide booth. Display racks for cards and other art, portfolios for unframed work, and floor easels must be professional in appearance and fit within your space. Sculptors and artisans bring their own display bases and cases to fit within their booth. Exhibitors are asked to ensure that displays do not obstruct the general view of neighbouring exhibitors or obstruct aisles due to fire regulations.
  • Please feel free to include your own small table and a comfortable chair and/or area carpet. Please respect your neighbour’s space by ensuring that seating remains within your area.
  • Your own professional artist name signs are restricted to a size up to 16” x 20”.
  • Every artist is to provide lighting for their own booth. The arena overhead lights will be turned down on Friday Opening Night, but may be off or set to dim on Saturday/Sunday during the show. Entry hallways will be lit. Central electrical panels will be set up for you so please bring a 100’ 3 prong extension cord to access the central electrical panel and a stepladder to place lights on your boards. Please refrain from drilling holes directly into pegboards when hanging lighting to help preserve the boards for future use, and please remove tape, sticky tack, staples, etc., from your booth boards at the end of the show.
  • The Meridian Community Centre requires all artists to use only LED bulbs to light their booths, so artists cannot be admitted without LED lighting. A maximum of 125 LED watts is suggested. Artists are asked to have their booth lighting set up by 4.00 pm for the Town Electrical Inspection and balancing.  
  • Please be considerate of your artist neighbours and the booth walls you share with them as you install your lighting system.
  • Please note that the booth pegboard panels are ¼” thick and the holes ¼” in diameter, requiring ¼” pegboard hooks. ”S” hooks may also be used. ¼” size pegboard hooks may be available at your local hardware stores. 
  • Artists are required to be on site throughout the opening hours of the show.
  • Please be aware that the arena tends to be quite cool due to the combined arenas cooling system. Bring a sweater/jacket with you.
  • The Pelham Art Festival Committee reserves the right to ask that artists and guests comply with safety and general show function. Artists are asked to conduct themselves in a professional manner and follow all rules and regulations outlined in the contract and other literature.
  • Professional Security is provided overnight on Friday and on Saturday evening and overnight. All liability is the responsibility of the exhibitor. The Pelham Art Festival Inc assumes no responsibility for loss or damage to any property of the exhibitor. Artists are responsible for arranging for their own insurance if they wish, for their Art.
  • Any space not claimed and occupied for which no special arrangements have been made prior to 4.00 pm Friday, May 7, 2021 may be resold or reassigned by show management without obligation on the part of the Pelham Art Festival INC to reimburse the exhibitor.
  • No exhibitor may sublet any portion of his or her booth space to another artist.
  • Please refrain from using sound effects in your booth.
  • Work created from assembly kits or manufactured items will not be considered nor allowed on display.