To start your online account setup process, please carefully follow the instructions below.

How Do I Apply?

Individual artist applications are submitted through our online e-commerce platform.

PAF’s jurors welcome individual artists and artisans working in all mediums; painting, photography, sculpture, glass, woodturning, textiles, jewellery and more, with formal or informal training to apply. Artists are encouraged to submit original artworks created within the last three years. Established and emerging artists are welcome. 

The Pelham Art Festival provides a welcoming place for all artists and art enthusiastsand we are committed to equity and inclusion.

You can choose to join us for Pelham Art Festivals from anywhere in Canada and beyond. Sell artworks, tap into the exponentially expanding Southern Niagara Region art market, and participate in our Online Festivals safely from the comfort of your home.

All artists create an account here to bring up the Artist Application Form for the Jury.

(If you have applied before, your applications have been added to your account). 

Next, input your email address (the one you will use to correspond with Pelham Art Festival) and click on the Reset Password button 

A Reset Password Page will open. You will need to input your email address again and then click on the Purple Reset Password button. A generated password will be sent to you to your email account. If you don't find it in your Inbox, check your Spam folder.
It will be an email from Pelham ( Copy and save your password.

What does the Artist Application Form say?
Click on –        Online Festival
                        (If you choose Both, the Online Festival is available to you at no cost)

Meanwhile, you will be sent back to the Artist Application Form where one more time, you will input your email address and the new password. Then click on the purple Sign in button.

That will open your Artist Dashboard Page which you will see every time you open your Online Account. 
(Open your Online Account every time by clicking the person icon on the top right-hand side of your screen on the website homepage). Once you log in, you can change your password to something more memorable and secure under "Your Profile". Keep your login information safe, since you will need it later to check your results on your Artist Dashboard.

All applications are submitted through our online e-commerce platform. All artists create an online account.

Artists and artisans fill in your name, address – mailing information, email contact, and biography with no name included, and only skip the banner image, profile photo, and social media accounts in the application form, for now. Those are not available to the jury and during Online Festivals, only become publicly visible if your application is successful. Please check your spam and junk folders if you have not received an email confirmation. When artists are accepted by the jury payment is due. There will be a non-refundable $25 application handling fee.

Adding your mailing information is very important if you are applying and are successful for PAF 36 In-person for you to receive artist information by mail and to subsequentially pick up an artist package when arriving at the Meridian Community Centre Accipiter Arena on the morning of May 12.

It is very important for artists and artisans to prepare a cohesive body of 5 artworks for the jury process.

Proceed to the Your Profile box.

SUBMIT 5 ARTWORKS THAT RELATE TO EACH OTHER. If you do different kinds of artwork, such as watercolours, drawings and collages, don’t present all those media in one application. Present one strong body of consistent cohesive work for the jurors to be able to judge properly. ALL ARTWORK SUBMISSIONS SHOULD RELATE VISUALLY with similar colours, mediums and the same style.


1. Your images are important!! Please ensure that your images are high-quality, clear, in-focus, and well-lit so that the jury may properly assess your work. 

2. Ensure that you have a cohesive portfolio of 5 artworks by entering a single body of work that focuses on one style and medium.

3. Your artist statement/bio should give the jury context on the body of work they are looking at and should be written in the first person. The artist's name should not appear in either the artist statement/bio or the description as these will be read by the jury. Your description of the work should go into more detail about the materials, creation process and techniques used. DO NOT copy and paste - make sure you are within the character limit. 

PAF only accepts complete applications once the non-refundable application fee payment is fulfilled. We don’t forward applications with missing information to our jurors. Submissions that include machine-made or mass-produced works are automatically disqualified and are not presented to the jurors.



You need to select a category from the list below when applying. These categories will be used in our online artist directory.

3D Works -  original three-dimensional works, using additive or reductive techniques, including freestanding sculptures, reliefs, assemblages etc. created using either traditional or experimental materials. 

2D Works – original two-dimensional works, created using one or more physical materials, including Drawing, Printmaking, Illustration, Collage, Mixed Media works, etc.

Painting - works created using Oil, Acrylic, Encaustic, Watercolour, Ink, etc.

Fine Craft & Design – hand-crafted objects (functional or decorative) created using fine craft and/or industrial design practices including, Jewellery, Textile, Ceramics, Woodturning, Furniture, etc. Multi-disciplinary and/or hybrid practices are welcomed. Exclude machine-screen patterns or other forms of mass production, and factory-produced wearable items regardless of additional modification.

Photography & Digital Media - Photographic prints made from the artist's original image, and/or digitally manipulated images created from the original artist's images, and/or other sourced material. Artwork in the photography category must be of signed, numbered limited edition prints, with a series of each image limited to a total of 25 or fewer.
Once you've declared the limited edition status of an image, you are expected to follow through anywhere you show that work.

Reproductions of artist originals are welcome provided they do not exceed 20% of the total artwork on display.

Please read our Reproduction Policy carefully before applying.



1. 5 digital images of your work online for all festivals for the jury

2. Image Formatting Instructions

  • Valid digital Artwork Photo Image file types: .jpeg or .png.
  • Artists are encouraged to submit original artworks created within the last three years.
  • Maximum size: images should be no larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels and 4MB (max) in size. Images that exceed this size will be automatically resized to fit and may be distorted.  
  • Minimum size: no less than 500 x 500 pixels (height & width).
  •  should be cropped to show only the work. No frame, watermark, signature, or background is to be included (exceptions are 3D objects such as sculptures, ceramics, woodturning objects or if a frame /mat is unique and significant to the artwork presentation…an example would be an oval opening in the mat to create a Victorian look for a portrait photograph) If the frame is an integral part of the art, it should be included. 
  • No signatures on submitted artwork. Jurying is based on the merit of the work, not on who the creator is.
  • To resize your images correctly without Photoshop, for both MAC and PC users, for instructions go to
  • Artwork IMAGE Photo File Jpeg Names: Your 5 photo Image file jpeg MUST be NAMED as follows BEFORE UPLOADING


  • EG. Jane Yetobe_Watering Can_2022.

  • Gallery Banner: Your banner size should be 1920 pixels x 640 pixels and can be entered after acceptance by the jury.
  • Profile Photo: 750 pixels on the longest side works well. The photo can be square (750 x 750 pixels) or a 4:5 ratio (600 pixels wide x 750 pixels tall). The minimum Photo image size is 600 pixels on the longest side (portrait photo) and can be entered after acceptance by the jury.

3. A 500-character artist statement


Here are some tips to help you submit a successful application

 Click the purple 'upload next image' button to load each of your 5 prepared images, one by one, for the jury process.

Important...go to the bottom of the page and click the Save button after each image is uploaded and the accompanying form has been completed. Save as you go.

If the form is not fully complete, the image upload will show, but without a checkmark to indicate the entry is complete. Once the form is complete, the white checkmark will appear on the bottom left corner of that image and you can go on to upload your next image.

Checkmark the PROMOTIONAL AND EDUCATIONAL USAGE RIGHTS located at the bottom of the Artist Application Image Upload pages.

Admin support will be available for you if you need it through [email protected]
Please state the title of your question in the heading of your email so your question will be forwarded to the person who can help you. 
with the subject line: PAF 2022 Photographing Your Art for Your Online Gallery + Your Name 
with the subject line: PAF 2022 Artist Gallery Setup Support + Your Name 
with the subject line: ‚ÄčPAF 2022 General Support + Your Name

You should see your Artist Dashboard Page where you can then pay your non-refundable application-handling fee. 

Once you have uploaded your images and information, you will be directed to a secure payment portal. You will not be able to make changes to your application once the non-refundable payment is submitted. You will receive an e-mail confirmation of your payment, so please check your spam and junk folders if you have not received it. There are no service charges or taxes on the application fee. PAF does not accept cheques or cash payments for booth or Online Festival non-refundable fees. You can use a credit card to pay your application fee. If you have no credit card, prepaid credit cards are available at Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, etc.)

Thank you for applying to the Pelham Art Festival.