for the Meridian Community Centre in May 2024

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Artist booth lighting exceeded capacity resulting in sporadic blackouts at Meridian Community Centre, and Accipiter Arena during the 2019 Pelham Art Festival. The Meridian Community Centre requires that all lights used by artists are LED, with no exceptions. LED is more efficient and widely available.

To allow the focus to be on your art the arena overhead lights will be turned down on Friday Opening Night, and on Saturday and Sunday during festival hours, while entry hallways remain lit. Central electrical panels will be set up for artists to access. Depending on your location, please bring a 100-foot 3-prong extension cord to access the panels, and a stepladder to place lighting on pegboard tops. Artists are asked to refrain from directly drilling into booth pegboards, and to remove tape, sticky tack, staples, etc. from the pegboards when the Festival ends.

Artists are to provide lighting for their booths for the weekend and will be asked to confirm they will be using LEDs to illuminate the art in their booths. The Town Electrical inspection will be made at approximately 4 PM so we ask that artists have booth lights up by then. All booth lighting will be professionally balanced. We ask that artists do not make changes to their lighting after the Electrical Inspection is completed.