Making Booth Payment, Online Festival Payment, and Loading your Gallery for Pelham Art Festival Online

After Jury Acceptance:

Instructions for Making Payment for the In-Person Pelham art Festival 36 for May 12, 2023, to May 14, 2023

In-Person Pelham art Festival 36:

Sign in to your Application Form with your user name and password that you've been using to complete your current application.

NB Open your Online Account every time by clicking the person icon on the top right-hand side of your screen on the website homepage at

When you are at your artist dashboard, select the Pelham Art Festival On-site application option on the right-hand side (View Application button).

You will now see a Purchase/Pay button for paying your exhibition fee.

Click on the Purchase/Pay button to start the payment process.

You will need to use a credit card to make this payment. 
This is done through a secure Shopify platform. It's a completely secure process you don't have to worry about being compromised.
Select the option where you fill in all the information below the express pay options.
Then just follow the instructions as they appear on the form.
Once you complete the process and receive a message confirming your payment was successful, then exit your application by clicking the X at the top of the file page.


The 2023 Theme Challenge for the 36th Mother's Day weekend Pelham Art Festival and
for Pelham Art Festival Online

The 2023 Theme Challenge:

Visitors to the 36th Pelham Art Festival and Pelham Art Festival Online will be treated to artwork specially created for this year's theme challenge.

 As part of their collection, artists have been invited to create one artwork that will be announced in February, 2023.

These artworks will be featured in a special online Curated Collection and visitors to Pelham Art Festival in the Meridian Community Centre will get to vote for their favourite theme artwork. A People's Choice award will be presented to the winning artist.  

The 2023 Theme Challenge Title will be announced in February and open to artists who are successfully juried and participating in the In-person and or Online Festivals.

Artists and artisans are asked to email [email protected] with the artwork title to obtain a tag to identify their art entry. The tag will be enclosed in your Artist Information package when you arrive at the Accipiter Arena in Fonthill's Meridian Community Centre.

Those artists and artisans participating in the Online Festival must include 'Title of Theme' in the artwork title when filling out the form for your theme challenge piece after it is uploaded into your gallery. e.g.) Theme Title_Name of Art. It will be identified by the theme title for a specially curated collection featuring selected artworks from all the theme challenge submissions. 

Artists should also choose 'Theme title' in the Subjects dropdown menu when filling in the form for the 2023 theme challenge so the site search engine can identify it.

NB: Only one artwork in your gallery should be assigned this subject designation if you participate in the theme challenge. This enables the curator to find your theme challenge work for consideration. Visitors will be invited to view the 'Theme Title' Curated Collection when it is presented during Pelham Art Festival Online.

Instructions for Loading your Gallery for Pelham Art Festival Online Opening May 8, 2023, to May 18, 2023.

Pelham Art Festival Online:

Sign in to your Application Form with your username and password that you've been using to complete your current application.

NB Open your Online Account every time by clicking the person icon on the top right-hand side of your screen on the website homepage at

When you are at your artist dashboard, select the Pelham Art Festival Online Festival application option on the right-hand side (View Application button).

You will now see a Purchase/Pay button for paying your exhibition fee.

Click on that to start the payment process.

You will need to use a credit card to make this payment. 
This is done through a secure Shopify platform. It's a completely secure process you don't have to worry about being compromised.
Select the option where you fill in all the information below the express pay options.
Then just follow the instructions as they appear on the form.
Once you complete the process and receive a message confirming your payment was successful, then exit the application by clicking the X at the top of the file page.

Entering your content for Pelham Art Festival Online

You may begin to upload images as soon as you have completed payment for your participation in Pelham Art Festival Online. We ask that you have all of your work and content uploaded by midnight on Friday, April 21, 2023.

This allows for the Committee admin to make sure everyone has input their information correctly and to test the site so all will work perfectly on opening day May 8, 2023.

Sign in to the Application Form that you've been using to complete your current application.

When you are at your artist dashboard, select the Pelham Art Festival Online Application option on the right-hand side (View Application button) then exit the application by clicking the X at the top of the file page.

Then quit the computer browser you were using and restart your computer. (to refresh the website page) 
Once your browser is open again, enter into the browser and open the website. On the header's far-right side, next to the main menu, you'll spot a person icon. Click on that icon and your dashboard should open up to your profile and artist gallery.
If you click on your artist gallery, you will see the 5 images that you submitted for jurying. You will now be able to edit your profile and upload the rest of your artwork images, following the same instructions and file naming convention that you MUST/should have used when submitting work for jurying. YOUR NAME_IMAGE NUMBER OR TITLE_YEAR (eg. Jane Yetobe_Summer Day_2022)
Should your click on the person icon and it takes you to the Application Form to sign in again, using your email address and password, go through that process as you have been doing to fill out your application. That should bring you to your new editable dashboard to complete your gallery setup.
Remember...if you run into any problems that you can't solve yourself, please send an email to [email protected].  Be sure to include in the subject heading, one of the following, depending on what your problem is: 
Payment issues; Profile Setup; Gallery Setup; Photographing Your artwork; General.
Someone will get back to you within a few hours.
The Artist Dashboard includes the editable Your Profile and Your Gallery sections.

Your Profile:
Enter all the information on the form on the profile page following the instructions carefully. Edit and fill in all the information including social media accounts.
Upload a suitable image for the banner to represent your gallery.  Also, upload an image of a portrait of yourself or a logo to represent you.

Gallery Banner Image size: The banner image size should be 1920 x 640 pixels

Profile Photo Image Size: 750 pixels on the longest side works well. The photo can be square (750 x 750 pixels) or a 4:5 ratio (600 pixels wide x 750 pixels tall). The minimum image size is 600 pixels on the longest side (portrait or logo photo).

***Remember to update the profile page to save your banner and portrait image uploads/entry of information. See the Update button on the bottom left side of the form.

Your Gallery:

Click on the View My Gallery button to open your already partially loaded gallery. The artwork image file names you submitted for jurying should be there.

BEFORE YOU UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE PHOTOS, all Artwork Image File photos names MUST use the File Naming Convention:

(E.g., Tom Brown_Winter Scene_2021)

In your gallery, click on an image to bring up the enlarged image page. At the top right side of this page, find the Edit button.

Click on the button to open up the image form. Please fill out the image form including the dropdown menus for Medium: Tags and Subjects. For Subjects, choose as many as apply to your artwork. Only select Beauty in Niagara if it is the piece you have designated as your submission to this year's Theme Challenge.

Make sure you indicate that your work is for sale and enter a dollar sign, please. 

Dimensions are done in centimetres and millimetres. Do not include Cm as part of your answer. 

Description of Artwork: What inspired this work? What it's about? If it's a painting or photo, something about your creative process if applicable; is it framed, does it have a mat, are materials archival? Is it ready to hang? Photography...It must be a limited edition so what is the number of the print you are selling? ex) 1/15 - the first of 15 possible prints of that work.

Select which image is the feature image for your gallery. It will show up to represent you in all the Art searches. 

Shipping Notes:

ex) Shipping costs are not included in the sale price. Free delivery in the Niagara region, as far as ______. To arrange pickup, delivery or shipping, contact the artist at ( your email address ). That's just an example. Write what works for you. 

Whichever artwork you have chosen for your Celebrating Imagination Theme submission...please include Celebrating Imagination in the title in the form.

Example)  Celebrating Imagination_The Falls at Sunrise

Make sure you save your additions/edits!! 

If your artwork image files with names were JURIED AND YOU DID NOT FOLLOW the file naming convention, you'll have to delete the images and replace them with the same images named correctly before you upload them, provided that the 5 juried images are to remain in your gallery. 
(E.g., Tom Brown_Winter Scene_2021)

If your images were juried and you did not fill in all the information on the form, fill in ALL the missing information for each image.

NB. Saving the info on forms in a Word file before removing and replacing images is helpful if you don't want to rethink all that info. Then when you upload the new image, just copy and paste the information back again.

Image Uploads:

On the top right side of your gallery page, click on the purple Add to Gallery button.
Carefully complete the form before uploading each of your artwork images. Prepare the images the same as you did for your application submission. 

Reviewing artwork image file sizes:
Maximum size: images should be no larger than 1024 x 1024 pixels and 4MB (max) in size. Images that exceed this size will be automatically resized to fit and may be distorted.  Minimum size: no less than 500 x 500 pixels (height & width)

(EG; Tom Brown_Winter Scene_2021)

Important...go to the bottom of the page and click the Update button after each of your artwork images is uploaded, updating as you go.
To see the results of your uploads, click on View My Gallery in the Your Gallery box on the Dashboard Page.

Number and Kind of Artworks Included in Your Participation:

  • Up to 15 artworks listed at one time, for sale during Pelham Art Festival Online (once artwork has sold, sold works remain in your gallery with a sold sticker, and you can add a new one).

You may delete an image and replace it with another, using the file naming convention as previously noted. EG. Jane Yetobe_Watering Can_2022.

Your artwork image could include multiple items at the same price point… e.g., cards, jewellery, and scarves, each numbered or labelled individually.  On your details page, each item is described. i.e., the product may come in different colours, sizes etc.  The buyer forwards an email to you so you both can agree on the specific choice. As an item is sold, you may indicate SOLD next to the colour on the descriptions page, or you could put a SOLD sticker on and load another image showing what you still have for sale.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT ­– Organizing SEARCH for your Artwork KEYWORDS: 

It is very important to indicate the category your artwork falls under. There are 5 categories in total. You must identify your artwork category for the search engine of this online site. Go to your gallery page and look for the Edit button below your portrait photo. Click Edit to select or change the category. Then Save. You can select only one category so choose carefully the one that best describes your artwork.


You need to select a category from the list below when applying. These categories will be used in our online artist directory.

3D Works - three-dimensional original works, using additive or reductive techniques, including freestanding sculptures, reliefs, assemblages etc. created using either traditional or experimental materials. 

2D Works – original two-dimensional works, created using one or more physical materials, including Drawing, Printmaking, Illustration, Collage, Mixed Media works, etc.

Painting - works created using Oil, Acrylic, Encaustic, Watercolour, Ink, Pastel, etc.

Fine Craft & Design – hand-crafted objects (functional or decorative) created using fine craft and/or industrial design practices including most Jewellery, Ceramics, Pottery, Woodturning, etc. Multi-disciplinary and/or hybrid practices are welcomed. Exclude machine-screen patterns or other forms of mass production, and factory-produced wearable items regardless of additional modification.

Photography & Digital Media - Photographic prints made from the artist's original image, and/or digitally manipulated images created from the original artist's images, and/or other sourced material. Artwork in the photography category must be of signed, numbered limited edition prints, with a series of each image limited to a total of 25 or fewer. Once you've declared the limited edition status of an image, you are expected to follow through anywhere you show that work.

Once you’ve done that and saved it when a customer looks for your artwork under the website menu, MEET THE ARTISTS, by entering your name into the KEYWORDS box on the left of the page, selecting your CATEGORY and clicking the FIND ARTWORK button, they will be taken directly to the Artist Roster page with thumbnails of your images. They will click on an image, and voilà, they are on your gallery page!

It will always display in the order you want it to and the way you organized it, whether by alpha order or numerical order of the title.

There will be a similar result without a visitor entering your name when a customer selects a CATEGORY box, a MEDIUM box and a SUBJECT box under the menu SEARCH ARTWORKS by clicking on FIND ARTWORKS. Their choices will bring up a list of artists who selected that CATEGORY, MEDIUM and chose more than one SUBJECT for those artists to be more easily found. 

Organizing the order of your gallery:

The web software program we are using for this site will always order your images either by alpha or numerical order of your titles. If that’s not an issue for you and you don’t care which images are next to each other, then no worries, just title each image and upload.

Whether it is in colour, or black and white, there may be a desire to have some images next to each other more than others. Including a number at the beginning of your title helps. Some of you have already done this but you noticed that it didn't help. That’s because your correct category wasn't yet established. Once you ID your category as per the instructions above, it enables the images to stay organized according to your number sequence. 

For numbering…all single-digit numbers from 1-9 must include a zero in front of the number. When you get to the double digits, drop the zero and just enter as one normally would write the number. If you don't follow these instructions, you'll quickly find out why when you get to 10. This is what your titles should look like:
01 Spring Fever
02 April Showers
03 Chrysanthemum
10 Summer at the Cottage
11 Summer in the City etc.

HST – if you normally collect HST, please let us know by contacting us at [email protected] with the subject line HST registration by February 28, 2022.  We ask that you please provide your registration number. 

The Enlarged Image Page:

Click on an image in your gallery to open the enlarged image page.
Click the purple edit button on the top right-hand side of the page to open the Edit Form page for that image.

On the Edit Form page, you will find the place to indicate your art piece’s media
1.  Under Media: tags selections: eg. oil paint, watercolour, acrylic, ceramics, pottery, woodturning, etc.
Click and scroll to see all the selections.
2. In the next box, Media Text, you can specify additional details if any (eg. Acrylic on canvas). This is done for every image.
When you finish filling in all the information, save the changes you made.

NB. We are experiencing that buyers are looking for helpful photo image artwork DESCRIPTIONS as well as helpful delivery notes.

Here are Artwork Photo Image DESCRIPTION Examples:

"Your descriptions may make the difference between customers buying and not buying your work".

1. My original works of art are designed to bring a bit of joy into your life. The panel is stained to reveal the wood grain and I work only with a palette knife. I use these panels as a sketchbook, working through colours and ideas to see what works. If I am happy with the result, I resin them and let them loose into the world! This piece is ready to hang.

2. Inspired by Spring! Nature's subtle yet stunning rollout of the season.
This piece is framed in a

Delivery Options: The shipping cost is not included in the price of the artwork. It will be up to you to make appropriate arrangements with the client, depending on the circumstance and should be typed by you in the Edit Form, reached by clicking on the Edit button found on the top right side of the enlarged image page. 

Shipping Options:

 (Choose) Local Delivery/Pick Up 
Eg. The seller/artist will contact you to discuss pick-up or delivery options after the purchase.
Eg. Shipping costs are not included in the price of this artwork. Please email the artist for arrangements. Free delivery within the Niagara Region; pickup can be arranged. Allow 1-2 weeks for delivery depending on shipping mode. Contact: Eg. [email protected]
Adding your email to your shipping instructions is highly recommended.

You may want to do some research about UPS, FedEx and Canada Post costs to have approximate information in advance. 

Then go back to your gallery page and repeat the process for the next image.

Save any changes when a form is complete. 

NB. Enlarged images with shipping information are not visible to view by artists until the current online show is published and is open to the public.


Be aware that on Wednesday, May 4th the e-commerce platform comes alive, BUY NOW stickers will show up on your work, the shipping instructions will appear in the info to the right of your image on the Enlarged image page and people will be able to begin purchasing work from our website starting at 8 am Monday morning. Until then, no stickers or shipping info will appear in your gallery.

Once delivery options are agreed upon between you and the buyer and the SOLD sticker appears on the artwork in your gallery, you can follow through on the pick-up or delivery. If shipping: remember to wait for shipping expenses to be paid to you before the item is sent. An E-transfer would be ideal.  

If you run into difficulty, Admin support will be available for you if you need it through [email protected] Please state the title of your question in the heading of your email so your question will be addressed to the person who can help you. A reply will be made as soon as possible.
E.g., subject line: with your subject line: PAF Artist Gallery Setup Support + Your Name
with the subject line: PAF General Support + Your Name

Please check your emails before and during the Online Festival in case we notice process suggestions that may be helpful for you specifically, or for any artist in general. The artist portal that you are working in will only be seen by you and not be visible to the public until the Preview or Opening date so you can work on it incrementally as you have time and you can edit until you like what you see.  You will notice that the committee, too, is working on the site not yet visible to the public as the website,, continues to evolve for every specific show.

Another useful piece of information…even though, the advertised Pelham Art Festival Online will take place from May 4 to May 15, 2022, your galleries will remain visible after the show and you may continue to make sales with buyers contacting you directly until the following year's Festival in 2023. You may also replace/update your artwork. We do ask you to honour the 15% commission to the Pelham Art Festival just as for our regularly advertised shows if a sale is placed by contact from the May show.

Thank you for being a participant in our fundraising efforts in support of the Lincoln Pelham Library, scholarships for Pelham youth pursuing fine art in post-secondary education and community arts projects. 

We wish you all the best!