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Don Svob,
Having always worked with my hands, creating, repairing and designing, the desire to find a medium to express my creative side began in 2008. My woodturning process begins with a piece of wood chosen from a stock pile for its uniqueness. Once mounted on the lathe I start to remove unwanted bulk with an assortment of turning tools (gouges, chisels). The essence of what will be the finished piece slowly reveals itself. It is one that is more often dictated by the wood itself. This can take hours, days or weeks. Then an assortment of finishing methods is undertaken; sanding, polishing, staining, painting, sometimes carving. Once finishing techniques are utilized the piece is competed with my signature, a number, type of wood and date. I typically work with local species and especially like the challenge of turning roots, burls and spalted woods. I also turn heritage pieces. A piece of wood special to you turned into a keepsake.

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