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"Atmosphere, earth and water are the elements which inspire my artistic practice. My oil paintings depict the constant transformation of the natural world; the creative process begins in nature through plein air studies, sketches, and experiences which build the foundation for my studio work. I see how nature can inspire us with its profound beauty and, humble us with its power."
Canadian artist Rosemarie Armstrong has been painting for over four decades. Her seascape and landscape paintings reflect her artistic soul and her professional calibre; masterful use of light, colour and composition.
Rosemarie is a Signature Member of Artists for Conservation (AFC), the world’s leading artist group supporting the environment, representing 500 of the world’s leading nature/wildlife artists from 30 countries. AFC’s mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through art that celebrates nature.

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Online Exhibition 2021



  • 2019
  • 101.6 x 61 x 2.5 cm
  • $4350.00

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