For the Juried Pelham Holiday Artfest Online Show
Small affordable pieces of original arts under 12" by 12", including framed art


A collection of “Creative Gems” will provide extra opportunity for artists and artisans to show and sell small original art at a price point that opens the door to selling a variety of smaller gifts. Just as for your regular artwork, these small pieces can also be replaced as they are sold. Hopefully, the pride of gifting or finding an original fine art “Creative Gems” will lead to ongoing interest in buying original fine arts. To start your creative inspiration flowing, consider small and affordable, up to 12” by 12”, smaller pieces of any medium, wood creations, wearable art or jewellery or useful pieces in the fine original art categories. 

Artists and artisans will upload their own art and will designate the work in this featured theme by including “Creative Gems” in the Title: eg. Creative Gems underscore Title of your work. This will allow the work to be gathered into a collection of Creative Gems for the artists who choose to participate. Artists are allowed to submit up to 3 small artworks for the Creative Gems collection, to be included with the number of artwork pieces in your gallery (15 [email protected]$150 or 25 [email protected]$225). You would be wise to have additional Creartive Gem works available to replace any as they sell. You will upload your Creative Gems along with your other artwork into your gallery. You may want to prepare a number of small pieces and you can replace them as they are sold. The sold images will continue to show and the new pieces will be posted. You may also choose to substitute Creative Gems for other pieces, any time you wish.

Your participation in a collection of Creative Gems is optional and will provide an extra way for the public to find your work. This may be the perfect small gift for someone! In addition, you will be showing your regular work ideally at a variety of price points and sizes to catch the interest of people looking for artwork, and replace any as they sell. So, for this Pelham Holiday Artfest Online a wide range of original arts at a variety of sizes and prices from the very small and affordable to that special high-end piece is welcome! 

We wish you success in selling from all the artwork in your gallery displays!