2024 Programming Schedule


Enjoy our exciting programming for art lovers of all ages!


Pelham Art Festival Online – May 2024 to May 2025!

 Artists have created over 1000 works for visitors to view and enjoy.

All artworks will be available for purchase in the artists' Galleries.


The 2024 Curated Collections Award-Winning Artwork Online

Artists will be chosen by art category or subject for your viewing and consideration. These works will be selected for their creativity, originality, technical skill, story and/or visual impact in recognition of the artists who created them.

The award-winning artworks will be featured in Curator CollectionsCurated Collections and Award Winners.


The 2024 Theme Challenge 

Visitors to Pelham Art Festival Online will be treated to artwork specially created for the Theme Challenge.

When an artist has been juried into this year's Festival, if they wish, they may participate in this challenge by creating and entering one artwork that represents their interpretation of the 2024 theme. 

As part of their collection, artists are invited to create one artwork to interpret the 2024 Theme Challenge - Transformations                                                                                          

These artworks will be featured in a special online Curated Collection and one artwork will be selected by the curator for the Online Best of Theme Award. Visitors to the Pelham Art Festival in the Meridian Community Centre will vote for their favourite theme artwork to select a People's Choice Best of Theme Award. Both awards will be presented to the creators of the winning artworks on Mother's Day weekend at the Festival.

Transformations:  ‘The art of changing how we see our world’

  • Transformation is a dramatic change of form or appearance.  It has been the catalyst for human evolution throughout history.
  • Transformations are the past, present and future restructuring of all aspects of our world:  social, economic, political, technological, cultural, and natural.
  • Individual transformation helps people give meaning to their environment, understand the world, elevate their mood and open their minds to new ideas 
  • Art and artists have the power to transform how people see the world, opening them to new perspectives, ideas and values by reflecting on the past, pushing into the future and fostering a broader understanding of their society and world today.
  • Transformations in art include raising awareness of social, political, environmental and cultural events and movements.
  • Transformations in art media include new technologies and using media that change perspective and the visual impact of everyday objects.

Live Music –

Want to learn more about the music presented at the Festival?  Every year the Festival features "live music" as arranged by well-known Fonthill musician, Jim Casson, a professional drummer, percussionist, educator, producer, promoter, and web and graphic designer.

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