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Katherine Polack is a Canadian-Peruvian mixed media painter living amongst infinite nature and inspiration in Ontario, Canada. She uses visual storytelling through calming blues, vibrant marine life, and unique perspectives to highlight the beauty and allure of the underwater world.
She creates immersive and tranquil ocean-inspired art that reflects the serenity and stillness of her snorkeling expeditions, intertwined with her personal journey of self-exploration.
Her work has been published in Women United Art Magazine, Vanity Fair UK, Artist Talk Magazine, and EAST Magazine.
Katherine's paintings have been juried and exhibited by the Federation of Canadian Artists, Summer & Grace Gallery, the Robert McLaughlin Gallery, and Camelback Gallery.
With every purchase, a ripple of impact extends beyond the walls supporting ocean conservation and ensuring the beauty that inspires all of us remains protected.
5% of every sale goes toward ocean conservation through monthly donations.

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